Garage doors provide biggest bang for buck

Many people relegate a garage door stuff to maintenance, but your garage door really makes your home’s value appreciate more than anything else. True, you don’t spend very much on a garage door, but it’s the most visible thing on the exterior of your home so why not get the most out of it? Remodeling jobs are essential if you want to keep the appearance and value of your home up, but how do other home improvements stack up?

When you remodel for value’s sake, you need to make the right decisions.  The consensus is that kitchen and bathroom remodels are the most important, but they don’t always provide the biggest payback. For instance, a $10,000 bathroom remodel will return about $16,000 on its investment, and the same investment in a bathroom remodel will amount to about $15,000.

That’s not bad, but when you consider that a $1,600 investment on a garage door returns 80% over the price of the door, it makes sense to start thinking about a new garage door, especially if you’re selling.