Should you buy an up and over garage door?

First off, let’s make sure we know what we are talking about. An up and over is a garage door that has a door that is in one piece, and it is usually made of metal. Differentiate up and over with sectional, which has hinged panels that fold up as the door.

There are a couple of different types of up-and-over garage doors:

up and over garage door

The Canopy up-and-over is considered the budget garage door. It consists simply of two tracks and a torsion spring to help you lift it. When you open it, the top part of the door passes back into to garage, and the bottom part passes outward and over the user, whence the name ‘canopy’. Since they are budget doors, they do not usually come with openers.

retractable up and over garage door
Retractable up-and-over doors are somewhat more complicated than their canopy brethren in that the entire door retracts inside the garage compartment, i.e. non of it passes physically over your head. Retractable doors are superior because they are better for tight spaces where swing out is inconvenient, and there is less opportunity for the user to be hit on the head by the door as he closes it. The retractable door is also considered more stable than the canopy because it is supported on all corners. As you might expect, retractable doors are more expensive.

But why should you choose an up-and-over garage door over other kinds? Here are a few reasons:

  • As has already been stated, they are cheap.
  • Their simple construction means few repairs. Up-and-over-doors are not suited for remote openers, and retrofitting one would be expensive. Sometimes, however, you will find the retractable variety which has a motor. If you are looking for simplicity, stick with an up-and-over
  • They are suitable for most needs. Whether you need a narrow door of a wide one, which means you won’t need to shop around.