Choosing a wooden garage door

wooden garage doorWooden garage doors are hands down the most attractive type and most sought type of garage doors. They just look better. Add to that the fact that wood lends a certain polish and warmth to almost anything it is made of, and you can understand why wood is the only choice for some garage door owners.

Cost should not pose many problems for wooden doors. They are not particularly expensive compared to, say, metal doors, but they may be more expensive than fiberglass or aluminum. The price of your wooden garage door will depend on the type of wood you choose and how it is manufactured. Grade A woods will naturally be more expensive, but there are many fine looking and durable woods that are lesser quality If budget is really important, you can purchase doors made from reclaimed wood, that is, wood previously used in another building for another use. Reclaimed wood has a unique look that a lot of customers actually prefer. Gr

Downsides to having a wooden garage door are related to maintenance. Most important, you have to make sure you door is painted. Vinyl coatings do not really need that much care, but they don’t look as good either. The paint in wooden doors will fade more quickly because of the porous nature of the material. This is not to say that the wooden door does not last as long, but merely that it requires more attention to maintenance details than doors made of metal or synthetic materials.