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Safety cables unravel when door is almost open

A client came to me with a peculiar problem: His garage door would only close about 75% before the safety cables would become loose. This is not a particularly common problem, but when he told me what it was I knew what was wrong. The client was a do it yourselfer, and had started the …

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Do I have to replace both garage door springs if one breaks?

A client called me with this problem: He lives in a split level house and his living room is practically over his garage. But  he doesn’t use his garage for  his car, but uses it for storage. Since he rarely opens and closes the door, he has never bothered to buy an automatic door opener …

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Insulating your garage door

It’s well know that insulation is a big ,money saver for homeowners, but a lot of people neglect to insulate their garage door. Often they think of their door as being “outside” and you don’t need to insulate the outside of your house. In reality, your garage door is half way inside and half way …

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Problems with garage door opener?

Sometime you just can’t get your garage door open. Often the problem is with the opener. But before you call the repair man, try a few things first. The first thing to check is the battery in the remote control. It should like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people think it last. …

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Navy signals cripple garage doors

This is one of the weirder garage door stories around. Apparently radio signals sent out by submarines off the coast of Connecticut are rendering remote garage door openers inoperable. The signal is related to a mobile radio system the navy is using in conjunction civilian emergency services. The signal uses a very low frequency that …

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Repair and replacing garage door springs

garage door springs torsion springs

Garage doors are mechanical, so one day you’ll have to face that fact that it will need to be fixed. Garage door springs are probably the most common repair. We do not recommend that you replace your own garage door springs, because the springs are under very high tension and if the slip or snap, …

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