Repair and replacing garage door springs

garage door springs torsion springsGarage doors are mechanical, so one day you’ll have to face that fact that it will need to be fixed. Garage door springs are probably the most common repair. We do not recommend that you replace your own garage door springs, because the springs are under very high tension and if the slip or snap, you could be seriously injured.

The tools you will need are simple. You will need your new springs, of course. You will need vice grips, preferably two, for loosening the torsion mechanism, two winding bars and an adjustable wrench. Also a ladder , and maybe some socket wrenches.

Safety should be a top priority, since springs are under high tension. Please note that you should not try any of these instructions unless you have the proper skill set. People have been seriously hurt in the past, and even people with years of experience end up needing stitches here and there, so the content of this article should be considered informational. Whenever you work with garage doors, assume something is going to break as you are working with it, so that you will be mentally prepared in case it does.

After you have made the proper preparations, the first thing you need to do is measure the worn out springs with a ruler. Avoid touching the springs to avoid injury. Then take your new springs create a comparison measurement. You need to measure the length, the inside diameter of the spring and measure 20 coils lengths to make sure that the gauge of the wire matches.