Problems with garage door opener?

Sometime you just can’t get your garage door open. Often the problem is with the opener. But before you call the repair man, try a few things first.

The first thing to check is the battery in the remote control. It should like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people think it last.

Next you should check the power source by making sure it’s plugged in. Again, it’s simply but lots of people don’t think of the easy solutions first.

When you pull the emergency cord to release the door, the latter should slide freely. If it does not, the problem is not with your opener.

You might check for other damage, like if your wife accidentally “bumps” into it with her car and forgets to tell you. This can throw the door off.

Some of the less expensive doors use plastic gears, which can simply wear down, particularly in conjunction with a chain drive. If this is the case, the gears themselves cost little, usually about $25. Installation is something you should undertake if you have experience repairing opener.

Finally, there will be times when your garage door opener has simply died, in which case you will have to spring for new one.